Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Jackie up close!

My owner says Jackie is a cutie patootie. I hope this is the last snack she adds to our family! Jackie-in-the-Box is a dark grayish-brown right now, but will be a flea-bitten gray when grown up. Fleabitten? And my owner wants THAT here? Maybe if she puts Biospot or something on her, then she won't have fleas!
Miss Stella

Jackie joins the clan

The humans are bonkers, completly bonkers. They plan to add yet another Snack to the group. This is it, says the older human female. Couldn't resist her, she says. Sheesh! I thought that feeling was only reserved for puppies! Jackie-In-The-Box is the only name I can think of to call her. Hmmmmm.....hamburgers......! The old female human says she's a registered gray quarter horse filly, green broke, and is out of the famous Poco Bueno and Goldfingers lines. That's supposed to impress me or something. I'm impressed only by a nice, juicy steak!
Miss Stella

Monday, December 25, 2006

New Snack for Christmas

Yes, the humans were very thoughtful for Christmas. To add to that "Midnyte Snack" horse, a new "buddy" horse will be joining the household, named "General". I prefer to think of him as "General Foods". They are trading the too-small horsetrailer for him, so General's current owner can use it for her ponies. General is a 17 yr. old bay Quarter Horse gelding who used to work cows. All the humans are excited about him. Oh, Midnyte Snack got a stall toy from Santy Claws for when she goes to "boot camp" to finish her training.

Now, on to more important things. Santy Claws brought all of us canines a rawhide chewie EACH and lots of dog biscuits. Yum! Santy Claws sure knows what us dogs like!

Not too much else is going on. Hope Santy Claws was good to you other pups, too!

Happy Howlidays to you!
Miss Stella

Friday, December 08, 2006

Bonner Springs Tornado

Pictured here is an authentic Bonner Springs, Kansas tornado. This photo was taken about a mile from our house in 2003 by my owner's aunt. What you don't see is her uncle mowing the lawn. He wasn't worried about the storm, which was moving away from the home. My owner said something about "Darwin's Theory" at work. Last March (2006) another one touched down in a field near our house, and many homes had storm damage from the wind. My humans have a "tornado closet" that is a cement closet with a cement ceiling. But its a small closet and is a bit crowded in there. My old female human makes the kids wear bicycle helmets during the times they run to the shelter because head injuries from flying debris from these storms is common. Fortunately for us dogs, we're in a pretty safe place that is partially underground. Mom worried about that Midnite Snack horse the last March and between 2 storms that hit that day, went out to make sure the horse was OK. Midnite was fine, and inside a loafing shed. The van didn't fare so well, and was hit by softball-sized hail. My human is nuts about that "free range" snack named Midnyte.

My birthday is coming up (Dec. 13). I'll be a whopping 2 years old! I wonder what the humans are planning for my birthday party. I hope its a yummy present.

Miss Stella

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Introducing "Midnyte"

Here is the family horse the humans here call Midnyte. She is a black paint horse who forgot to wear spots and has one blue eye quite like some furry heathen huskies I know. My humans love this beast who is actually bigger than I am. I think she looks tasty. I call her Midnyte Snack.

The pounding hammer humans came back for a short time today, and will be back soon to put something called a "cricket" where the chimney meets the roof. The old female human is delighted because that means no more rain water in her bedroom. I just can't understand how a bug can prevent that sort of thing to happen. Humans are weird.

That's all for now.
Roof! Roof! Roof!
Miss Stella
Roofing Forebitch

Monday, December 04, 2006

Roofers invade!

Today lots of men I didn't know descended upon our home, tearing off the roof and made much banging noises with things called hammers! The pounding nearly drove us dogs all crazy, and not to mention our humans, too. Last March a tornado touched down near my house, and we had lots of damage to the roof. I'm here to tell you, composite roof pieces are not tasty! Lots of it was on the grass after the storm. My older humans have had a wet floor every time it rained, so they are happy the new roof is in the works. But all those strangers on my house! It really makes me uneasy, since its MY job to see that no strangers get on our property. I need a doggy valium! My humans are thinking its a bit odd that the roofers wait until the house and driveway are covered with ice. They have waited for months for a new roof, so what's a few more days until it warms up? My bladder also hates having to stay inside all day while strangers tear up the roof.
That's it today, fuzzy friends.
Miss Stella
ps-I overheard the older female that those hammer-people will come back again tomorrow!