Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Horses Have Their Own Blog Now, and a Very Sad Day

My human has noticed that the horses are somehow taking over my blog, so she created the Byrd Herd blog, where they can post their own adventures!
Their blog is located at http://byrdherd.blogspot.com/.
Visit them there!

On a different note, yesterday afternoon, our neighbors a couple miles away (we live in the country, so they're neighbors), lost their house to a massive fire, and with it, their two beloved dogs. Nothing is standing as of today. Even the chimney fell in on itself. Out here in the boonies there are few fire hydrants, so all the water had to be trucked in. Our fire department consists of brave volunteers. The home owners were away at work during the fire, so our heart goes out to them and we mourn with them their two canine family members.

Last year, our neighbors a mile down the road lost their entire house to fire also. Unfortunately, in the fire were 35 show cats (some top national winners) and 3 show dogs (Chinese Cresteds). All perished before anyone could get into the house. Again, the owners were away at work when it happened, and when the fire was discovered, the house was fully involved. You can only imagine the horror and pain felt by our neighbors. Truly any fire is tragic, and is a real fear our owner has since we are kennelled in the house. We are fortunate, however, to have a rare fire hydrant across the street, and our owner has a sticker in the window to lead the volunteer firefighters to us. The county sheriff knows we're in the house, too, so hopefully in case of a fire, we'll be rescued.

Please tell your humans to let their neighbors know that you are in the house (if they are yet unaware) and to put a "Rescue Me in Case of Fire" sticker on their front doors or windows. Have them check the smoke alarms, too, while they're at it.

Miss Stella

Sunday, February 25, 2007

"Jackie" has a new name!

My old human female didn't like the name "Jackie" for her new Snack, I mean, filly, so after nearly a month of pondering, asking folks for suggestions, she turned the task over to her oldest son. The Snack loves this kid, and follows him around, like, dare I say, a Bullmastiff. He decided to name her "Smokey". Its the 4th most common pet name, according to one source, so its not very original, but fitting.
So, I'll officially welcome the Smokey-flavored Snack to our family!
Miss Stella

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Next stop: Columbia, MO!

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In a couple of weekends, my humans will again WASH me (I hate that!), trim my nails (even worse!) and spray "Odor Muncher" on me (cruel, cruel people). But it will be all worth it, because I get to go to the Columbia, MO dog shows with Lisa in a couple of weekends and meet Tubey's human! Lisa spoils me, too, and I love showing off in the ring with her. So, I can't wait!
My show photo from St. Joseph KC show hasn't arrived yet, but I'll be sure to post it once it comes. That's if the printer/scanner/fax machine comes alive again. Maybe the old human will have to save up for a new one.
Miss Stella
ps-This photo is of old General after a month of daily feeding! He usually wears a horse coat, complete with neck rug, every day. This day it was warm and the coat came off for a few hours. He's starting to put a little weight on.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I'm Just Singin' in the Snow..Just Singin' in the Snow...

What a glorious feeling, I'm woo-wooing again! Hi, this is Bruce. Miss Stella's sleeping, so I have the computer to myself and thought I'd share a photo of me singing my best woo-woos to celebrate the four inches of snow that fell last night! My kennel mate, Old Miss Kiana (13 1/2 yrs. old), was very perky, and even bounced a bit with happiness.
I just love this stuff!!
Woo-woos to you,

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Back from the Shows

Well, we've come home from another show weekend. My old female human was the "show chairperson" and "show secretary" for the Siberian Fuzzies show on Friday night. She and the oldest human child came back to hotel very late,all pooped out. The rude Civic Center workers started shutting off the halogen lighting on the club during show photos. If I were there, I would have put a stop to that. Grrrrr....... Of course, we had to show early on both Saturday and Sunday...first breed in the ring both days. So, no sleeping in. I LOVED going to the shows! I got to sleep on the floor between two big beds, and even once curled up next to the oldest human on Saturday night. Saturday's show I was the "bridesmaid" again, RWB. Then the Civic Center people were rude again, shutting off lights and locking doors at least a half-hour before the contract said so, and my old female human had to make several phone calls so a couple of puppies an exhibitor had could be fed and walked.
But on Sunday, I got to be WB/BOS for the point! Lisa and I had a grand time showing off and winning the all-purple ribbon this time. I was beginning to be called the "Reserve Queen" at home. I'll post our show photo when it comes in the mail. My female human is not so into dog shows anymore, so she's had enough shows to last a her awhile. I'm glad Lisa and Cecile take me places, or I wouldn't get to go anywhere!
I got to see Cap'n Maverick, but he thought I was out to get his stuffed orange Orangutan. As a matter of fact, I think I would have liked to chew on its head. I loved stuffed animal toys.
Miss Stella