Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Introducing "Bruce"

Since I share my home with 9 heathen huskies, I will introduce them one at a time to you. Today I bring you "Bruce", AKA North Star's The Boss O'Troika. My humans really, really like Bruce Springsteen's music, so that's why they named this heathen "Bruce". They used to have a cute little French Bulldog named "Clarence", named for the E Street Band's member, Clarence Clemons, who plays the saxaphone. Clarence suddenly dropped dead at the age of eight years a couple Januarys back...my humans think he had a massive stroke or heart attack. The little humans were very sad about it, and still talk about him to this day. They miss him. Clarence and Bruce were the best of friends, and would curl up together to sleep (imagine a big husky with a little Frenchie snuggled up to him!) Clarence took great fun in grabbing Bruce's fuzzy pants. He would then hang on til Bruce knocked him off! It was in all good humor.
Bruce, also known as "Brucey", "The Brucenator" and "Fuzzy Butt", is a pretty congenial guy. He was raised in a pack situation, so he has good doggy social skills. My human adores him, and he has big cheeks to grab. (No, not the fuzzy butt cheeks!) He used to show, but he didn't like it. His first show he was RWD and Best Puppy in Breed over several other puppies. But he's a bit timid, so showing wasn't his favorite thing to do. He'd rather be home with the humans!
Bruce kind of ignores me. He thinks I'm a pushy girl.
That's it for me today.
Miss Stella

Monday, November 20, 2006

Mister Higgins

I'm posting a photo of my family's first Bullmastiff, Mister Higgins. I have some seriously large pawprints to fill. Not only was he HUGE for a Bully (150 lbs in fit shape) but he had his CD degree in obedience, a CGC (Canine Good Citizen) and was a TDI (Therapy Dog International) dog. He also finished 1993 the #2 & #3 obedience Bullmastiff (depending on what system you went with). He also prevented an invasion robbery a few months shy of his 10th birthday, when my human was alone with her infant son. He's a hero in her eyes! Higgins and I came from the same breeder, so we're kind of distant cousins. And I'm a petite 90 pounds, so I'm a LOT smaller than he was! My human has had to get used to that fact. I was the smallest in my litter, so what did she expect? I've been to obedience classes, but I don't know if I can come close to what Higgins did. But my human loves me all the same.
Miss Stella

Sunday, November 19, 2006

One of My Human's Kidlets

Here's the youngest human,Colton, giving Miss Nakita a bath. She's 12 years old, and he's 4. They both were soaked! This was in our local paper, but this is the only clipping the humans here have of it.

Here I am, winning my first point from the puppy class. I went on to win over my handsome cousin, Bo, to pick up the point. (Bo is nearly a champion...he's a very nice boy). Lisa helped me win a RWB to a major up in South Dakota a few weekends ago. I hope next year I'll be able to go to more shows! Mom still thinks I'm still in my "teenage uglies"! My feelings are hurt! Stormy says I'm beautiful.
That's all for now,
Miss Stella

Saturday, November 11, 2006

I want to move upstairs

Its not fair. Mom has this white and black piebald fuzzy, pointy-earred thing called "Skye". She is evil, and tries to bite everyone except the human family. I really don't like her. I want to move upstairs to be with the humans, and have Skye move downstairs to the kennel with the other fuzzy pointy-eared things called Siberians. OK, I know my best friend, Stormy, IS a Siberian, but he's also a pain. He thinks he's smarter, faster and stronger than me. Just yesterday he bit my delicate ear because he thought I was trying to be the number one dog. Well, for his information, I am! But since he has been my best buddy since I was really little, I'll ignore what he did to my ear.
I think Skye needs to move far, far away. I want to sleep on the couch.
-Miss Stella

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Welcome to my Spot!

I'm Miss Stella, and I'm a red Bullmastiff girl who loves to show. I go to dog shows with my friend Lisa and her mom Cecile. We have a great time, because Lisa treats me like royalty. I sure like that. I live with 9 Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Huskies, and I'm the only "proper" dog. I have a nice smooth red coat and ears that hang down. My friends all have pointy ears and are very furry. In fact, they look like heathens, in my opinion. But I still love them.
Check back for more of my posts, especially when I start showing again.
Miss Stella Louella