Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Timber Crosses the Rainbow Bridge


 It was a quality of life decision, said my female human.  Poor Timber had lost the mobility in his legs, and the pain was moving from limb to limb, and he was getting pressure sores.  It was time to free my dear Alaskan Husky friend from constant pain.  He didn't even get to eat his birthday cake.  We will have a Life Celebration in a few days to think of Timber and what he meant to this home.  Timber was always sweet, happy and a bit of a silly carefree guy. He loved the young humans and enjoyed playing in the yard with them.  I'm sure he has reunited with his Alaskan Husky family at the Rainbow Bridge: Yukon, Cheyenne, Inca (all three were lead dogs) and his twin, Turbo, who passed away this January.
This is a photo of Timber last year at the age of 13, running for the sheer love of it.  He was quick and agile, a natural athlete that revealed generations of many superb Alaskan Huskies before him, dogs of George Attla, Roxy Wright-Champaign and other famous mushers.  Alaskan Huskies may not have a registry but they definitely have pedigrees.  

July 28, 1994 - July 29, 2008
We will miss you, sweet Alaskan boy.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Timber's 14th Birthday


My last Alaskan buddy, Timber, is 14 years old today.  I would wish him a Happy Birthday, but he is very ill and is spending the night at the vet's office.  My human is very worried about him.  He was at the vet's last week and they did all sorts of x-rays and put him on medication, but he has taken a turn for the worse. Please keep Timber in your thoughts tonight.
Here's a photo of Timber last year.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Eddie Wins!

My Siberian buddy, Eddie, went to stay with his breeders, Cecile and Lisa.  They took him to some shows and he now has 3 points!  Only 12 more to go!  He also won Cutest Pet at my human's workplace out of about 15 other pets entered.  He's going to have quite the attitude when he gets back!
My humans have added to the 4-legged family with three French Alpine dairy goat babies.  They are all boys: Oreo, Brownie and Rocky.  Once grown, they are supposed to be around 34 to 36 inches tall at the shoulder.  That's a huge goat!  They can be trained to pull carts.  I wonder if they could pull our dog sled?  Wouldn't that be a sight!  They are here to be used as a "green" way to clean up the property of weeds, especially poison ivy.  Already they've done their job on the plants and brush in their pen.
My humans also have a new horse.  His name is Bam Bam, and he is a bay roan Miniature Horse stallion, about 33 inches tall at the withers.  He's a good-looking guy.  The horse folks who have seen him say Bam Bam should be in horse shows once he gets into shape (he's a little tubby).   Bam Bam enjoys us dogs, and we often sniff noses between the fence.
Enjoy the photo of Eddie and Nathan winning first in their Junior Handling class at our local Siberian specialty in May.