Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Eddie is home!

Eddie has returned home to rest from his show career for a couple of weeks, and to catch up on digging holes in the backyard, and to touch noses with me a through the fence.  Lisa and Eddie have won 13 points, including both major wins, in a very short amount of time! We are hoping they can complete the championship title with one more show weekend (toes crossed here.) Go to Captain Maverick's blog to see his photos... from beginning to present.  You can tell he started out without much hair (it was in the summer months), and now he is in glorious coat!  Eddie is such an easy-going guy that he's settled into the routine around here without a misstep. Good ol' Eddie. We're glad he's home (and he's a lot quieter than that Arlo dog!)
Miss Stella

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Meet Arlo

Meet Arlo, our newest addition to the family.  He showed up at our house several weeks ago, and planted himself on the doorstep, earning the nickname "Porch Dog".  The humans decided to give him a chance and now he lives with us.  He's about a year old, and possibly an Australian Shepherd with an natural tail.  He's a nice guy.  Lucky for him my humans took him in because he had heartworm.  He is now recovering nicely from his 2nd treatment.
Welcome, Arlo!