Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kiana Crosses the Rainbow Bridge

Goodbye, Dear Kiana

An era has ended at our home.  My beautiful friend, Kiana, a gray and white, brown-eyed Siberian beauty, died last night at the age of 15 years, 9 months. She torsioned suddenly last night, and my owner made the decision to end her suffering.  My owner held her head in her arms and told her how much she loved her as she was put to sleep.  

Kiana was Queen, and lived as only a very pampered dog should live.  She was the first AKC champion of our family, and did some very nice winning as a young dog.  One particularly happy day many years ago, she won the Open class and then Best of Breed over two group-winning male specials (champions).  Kiana then topped the day off by winning a Working Group 2.   She was also the first dog to help with the sled dog program my owner does.  When Kiana became ill with mammary cancer and diabetes, she was retired.  Amazingly, she not only recovered from the cancer, but in a year's time, the diabetes she was taking two injections daily for, reversed.  She never had another problem with it again.   Kiana saw my owner through graduate school, the stupid single years, marriage, and  then babies.  She was very attached to my owner, and would stop eating if separated for more than a few days.  Kiana was elegant, regal and very much the dominate dog in the family.  She is irreplaceable.

Rest in peace, Kiana.  I know you are playing with Higgins the Bullmastiff and Clarence the French Bulldog.  Most importantly, you are not in pain anymore.

Champion Kalea's Boomchaser of Jasminka
June 18, 1993- March 16, 2009