Saturday, January 20, 2007

Stella's Saturday show

Hi Blogger friends-
It's me, Bruce, standing in for Miss Stella, who is away with Lisa at the Iowa shows. Today (Saturday) she and Lisa took the Reserve Ribbon. They had a judge change, so it wasn't the person they had hoped for. But Miss Stella wagged her tail throughout the time in the ring, and had a good time. Sunday she'll have another shot at the point. Poor Lisa had a bang-up accident on the way to the show. Fortunately, everyone is fine, and the truck is a bit worse for wear. Keep your paws crossed that their trip back is a safe one!
Right now it is SNOWING!!! All of us Huskies, both Siberian and Alaskan, have had a grand time bounding through the snow and skidding through it. Ahhhhh......snow.
Now, I've heard rumors that Pirate Maverick is teaching Miss Stella some pirating ways. I'm a bit concerned. A lady that size does not need to be learning such things! I think she's a pushy broad anyway! I have images in my doggy mind that she'll come home wearing an eye patch!
Now, since she's away, I can post a baby picture of Stella when she was tiny and cute, at about 6 weeks!! Now she's a big ol' slobbering, gassy monster dog.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Bad News for the General

The Doctor came out to visit the General today, and strongly feels that he has EPM and is 24 years old, not 17, as my owner was told. He said that if he were his horse, he would not allow his kids to ride him. General is so unsteady on his feet that when he turns, he, as the vet said, "Doesn't know where his feet are". EPM (Equine protozoal myeloencephalitis) is often transmitted by possums to horses via feces on to grass, hay, whatever the horse is eating. Basically, there are protozoan in General's spinal cord, and his central nervous system is infected. Eventually, he will either die of it, or complications from it. The vet said he has maybe 6 months, 1 year or 5 years. He doesn't know. The treatment is very, very expensive and may not work. The vet said if General were his, he would not pursue treatment. The humans are very, very sad, as the General is an exceptionally sweet horse who loves kids and enjoys "talking" to the humans with his nickers. I'd say he's like a big, big Bullmastiff in many ways.
I hereby name General as Honorary Bullmastiff, never to be known as "Snack" again. Salute to theGeneral! May he be with us for many more years!
Miss Stella

More on EPM:

Monday, January 01, 2007

Close-Ups of "McRib"

Here's General or "McRib" up close. Maybe my owner should take him to Dairy Queen for some sundaes or shakes! My owner says that always works for her!
Miss Stella

New Snack for Christmas & New Year's

The old humans brought home a very boney, sad-looking snack called "General". I think of him as "General Foods", although there's not much to chew on. Even I feel sorry for him. His spine, hip and ribs are showing through a winter coat. I can only imagine what he'd look like in the summer. I wonder if I should call him "McRib"? Yeah, that sounds more like it.
This is the only photo so far that the old female human can upload onto the blog. There are clearer ones to show you just how bad shape the old McRib is, but they won't upload.
He is a 17 year old Quarter Horse that used to be a working ranch horse, then became a church camp horse, a lesson horse for beginning riders. He really likes the small humans. He prefers to visit the little ones over the big ones. My female human is trying to feed him without killing him with kindness. The Doctor said to take it easy with the hay and feed for awhile. The Doctor comes out on Tuesday to check out McRib.
Happy New Year to Everyone!!!
Miss Stella